how to be more sustainable this christmas

your two favourite gals at down by the banks have put together an epic list of ways to make your Christmas celebrations more eco-friendly and sustainable this year...

  1. Choose meaningful gifts that will LAST. Try not to buy something which will likely just be thrown out or forgotten about. A good example would be a sweet little house plant - the gift that keeps on giving!
  2. Buy local & support handmade! Supporting small businesses helps boost a strong, sustainable local economy. Additionally, when you buy local it's more likely your gift has travelled less to get to you - therefore having a smaller carbon footprint than overseas gifts.
  3. Secret Santa is a great way to reduce how much you buy and improve the quality of your gift. It's nearly impossible to buy for everyone in the family. Take our fam for example - 6 adults and a bub. No way am I going to buy for every single person. So, we also do secret Santa, it means that we each receive one gift (from the whole family), and usually it's better quality than 6 smaller gifts.
  4. Go for handmade - get crafty! Can you think of a meaningful gift that you can make for somebody? Whether you love baking, sewing or painting, why not get creative this season. Best of all, it will enable you to put your own stamp on a gift. Making your own cards can be so much fun too.
  5. Eco-friendly wrapping!!!! Did you know that generic wrapping paper can't be recycled, because of the shiny film. Sticky tape is also terrible for this. What you can do instead is purchase recycled kraft paper and only use ribbons to secure the wrapping (no stickers or tape). Alternatively, grab some fabric scraps from your local sewing store and wrap your gifts in fabric :) 
  6. Make your own decorations! Jump onto Pinterest and search for some beautiful DIY decorations you can do with the kids these holidays.
  7. Regular Christmas trees are made of PVC and plastics. Instead, why not go adopt a beautiful big potted plant and decorate it like a Christmas tree. Not only will it live on past Christmas, but it'll be beautifully unique too!
  8. Buy plantable Christmas cards! Did you know "seeded paper" is a thing?! It's a natural based paper which has SEEDS infused inside, so when you're finished with it you plant the card and wait for something magical to grow! Our favourite seeded paper company is Hello Petal Cards, go check them out :) 

PLUS, all the usual good stuff like reduce (or cut out) your meat and dairy intake and ensure you dispose of your food waste responsibly (worm farms, composting, etc)!

We hope some of these tips will be useful as you plan for your merry season!

Lots of love, Em & Sez


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