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Happy Sunday beautiful people,

Nora and I are dropping in today to tell you about our favourite books and why you should absolutely get your hands on them. For those of you who don’t know, Nora is my adorable 17-month-old niece who I live with. In between managing my business and working full-time, I love to spend time with the little giggle monster. She enjoys reading books with me and here are our favourites.

#1 ABC Yoga, by Christine Engel

This is such a sweet & interactive book, sometimes Nora and I can’t chose between doing the poses or making the animal sounds – so most of the time we do both! There are twenty-six yoga poses, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Yoga is such a great skill to begin teaching from a young age. It can be so helpful for increasing body awareness, mindfulness, discipline and managing anxiety. I’m so grateful a simple and fun book can help me to instil these in Nora as she grows up.

Nora’s favourite page: Armadillo – because Aunty Em doesn’t know what sound and Armadillo makes so together we say “arrrrrrrmadillo” like pirates!

Em’s favourite page: Crocodile - because we're starting to teach Nora that crocodiles go SNAP SNAP (with the big arm movements haha).


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#2 Kindness Makes us Strong, by Sophie Beer


Does anybody else feel like our world needs more kindness these days!? The amazing Sophie Beer is an incredible author and illustrator who is keen to teach children SIMPLE ways to make BIG differences in their little worlds. Whether we share a toy or include someone in a game, all acts of kindness - no matter how big or small - make the world a better place. 



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#3 I'm Australian Too, by Mem Fox

Did you grow up reading beautiful books like Time for Bed and Possum Magic, then you'll remember how much of a special writer Mem Fox is. I'm Australian Too is no different - it's a fantastic pictorial which speaks of Australian cultural diversity. The beautiful illustrations are by Ronojoy Ghosh. This quick read is a great way to introduce children to the concept of diversity and acceptance.


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#4 Welcome to Country, by Aunty Joy Murphy and Lisa Kennedy

Aboriginal elder of the Wurundjeri people, Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin, has provided us with a beautiful look into the history and traditions of her people. This book is brought to live by the illustrations of Indigenous artist Lisa Kennedy. Aboriginal communities across Australia have boundaries that are defined by mountain ranges and waterways. Traditionally, to cross these boundaries, permission is required. Each community has its own way of greeting, but the practice shares a common name: a Welcome to Country. Nora is simply fascinated by the drawstrings and loves pointing out all the animals.

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