One (wo)man's TRASH is another (wo)man's TREASURE

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If you put your mind to it, you could find a million and one uses for your "rubbish"...

Take for example, the incredible human who figured out that if you iron those plastic/foil chip packets together, you can make a survival blanket for the homeless. Each blanket requires 150 crisp packets, and with a singular packet taking 80 years to decompose, this repurposing is a great way to help the environment and the most vulnerable in our society.
Surely you've heard of the Eco-Brick too? An ecobrick is a building block made entirely from unrecyclable plastic. It’s created by filling a plastic bottle with clean, dry plastic until it’s packed tightly and can be used as a building block to build all sorts of things including toilets, schools and playgrounds. Ecobricks are a great way to recycle plastic that doesn’t break down and would most likely end up in landfill, or worse, the ocean.
How about the very trendy Margaret River shoe business, Re-tyre who repurpose old tyres. Every pair of their shoes are handmade utilising traditional shoe making techniques with a modern twist. Each sole is made from an old tyre that would otherwise have gone to landfill. 


Well, here at Down By The Banks we love INNOVATION and we very much enjoy imagining all the possibilities for our fabric "waste". We are inspired by creative and sustainable projects like those above. Today we want to share with you a little of our behind the scenes work... 
We have recently employed a very talented seamstress who has a passion for sewing dolls clothing. We absolutely adore working with her. After meticulously sorting through our fabric scraps, we send Gina off a beautiful box of mixed goodies, which she then TRANSFORMS into beautiful clothing for dolls. Check out some of her work below!
From this, we are left with very tini tiny scraps which can't be used for much. And that's where our friends at Upparel come in. Here's an excerpt from their website about what they do with textiles they receive...
" We’ve partnered with Textile Recyclers Australia to complete the recycling process, however as this industry is in its infancy here there are no commercial textile recycling facilities in Australia. Recyclable textiles are therefore sent to TRA’s partner facility in India where they are shredded down several times to fluffy fibre and then spun into new yarns that can end up in a number of products ranging from blankets, to floor rugs, to insulation! Some valuable fibres can also be blended with virgin fibres to produce yarns which can be used in manufacturing to create new products — in fact, a selection of our products are made with this yarn!"
We are PROUD to say that when you support Down By The Banks, you are supporting a zero fabric waste business! I hope you enjoyed todays read, leave a message below if you've got any questions.
xx Emily

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