Our Zero-Fabric Waste Mission

With two millennials at the head of this business, we're pretty conscious about the environment and how we impact it - either positively, negatively, through our personal lives or through the actions of our business.

You don't have to do much research to know that fabric and clothing wasteage is a significant contributor to land fill. What's worse is that non-natural fibres (such as polyester and spandex) can take hundreds of years to break down.

In Australia alone, more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather end up in landfill each year. Low-cost, low-quality garments mean we are buying and disposing of more clothing than ever. Australians are the world's second largest consumers of textiles, buying an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing and other textiles each year.

As a business dedicated to seeing the worlds climate conditions improve, we thoroughly consider our environmental impact with every product we introduce.

Our Fabric Scrap Sorting Process:

After carefully placing our pattern pieces to ensure minimal wastage, we sort through our pieces in piles of large, medium and too small to use. Our large and medium pieces are sent off to a local seamstress who creates dolls clothing, face wipes and gorgeous bunting flags.

Our scraps which are far too small to use for anything, are sent off to the incredible social enterprise - upparel! Scraps that are too small for them to use for anything are used as stuffing for things such as pets bedding and mattresses and so much more. Go check them out. They're formally known as ManRags and have some awesome items of clothing you can buy too.

By utilising these processes, we ensure that 100% of our scraps do not make their way into landfill. It may be a little extra work on our end, but it's absolutely worth it.

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