Meet the Team

Founder, Maker, Designer, Photographer, Social Media Manager etc - Emily

Founded & run by a doting Aunty with over 6 years experience in creating unique clothing pieces, our store provides modern parents with gorgeous clothing which expands as your child grows, making them super practical. Every piece of clothing is 100% homemade with love, care and consideration. I only use high quality materials and these are often sourced from other small businesses. I'm proud to now include a gorgeous collection of handmade toys and accessories which support other small businesses! 

Outside of my business, I work full time for a charity. My role is around data, evaluation and research into our social impact and how we change communities. It's exciting but also very 'brainy'. I love switching off my head and sewing to my hearts content while watching netflix in the evenings. My gorgeous baby niece, Nora, was & continues to be the inspiration for my business. My dream is that one day my business will be profitable and successful enough that I won't need to work full-time and can focus on ensuring my own little family is happy & healthy. 




Creative Director, Crocheter, Photographer, etc - Sarah
Sarah is my triplet sister and the amazing mumma to beautiful Nora. Since I moved back to Perth to be with my family, Sarah has taken on so many creative projects at Down By The Banks.
Our Zero-Waste Collection is thanks to her, she crochets all our baskets and is the lady behind our beautiful Christmas tree embroidery patch! She's a legend and has been recently named "Creative Director".




 The "Shed-Dwellers" - Darryl & Co.
Our wooden toys are designed and made right here in Australia! We have a beautiful team of passionate and hardworking retirees in South Australia who work so hard to bring our visions to life. 




Local Seamstresses - my personal angels!
Mid 2019 we begun working with some beautiful local women, to help us keep up with demand and prepare bulk stock for our markets. Amanda is a West Aussie mum to 6 children, who previously had her own business making childrens clothing, but has since taken a step back and now primarily assists other local businesses with their sewing needs. She has an epic sewing room and years worth of experience! Gina is our scraps saviour from regional NSW. I send her boxes and boxes of useable fabric scraps and she transforms them into face wipes & beautiful dolly clothing. Lastly we have the amazing Carolyn, who shares our passion for sustainable fashion and reducing waste. She has brought years of expertise and we look forward to working with her!




Simone - a speedy crocheter!
Another good egg from regional NSW, Simone is a straight up legend. She's the lady behind our crochet vegetable garden set. I'm exceptionally grateful for Simone's recent hard work in sourcing organic materials only as we work to expand our crochet food range. 




As our business expands, we are so incredibly grateful for the team we have behind us! Thanks for visiting my store, please follow us on instagram to stay up to date with all our exciting products!
Em, Sez & Noz xxx